SF architectural sculpture castingsShakespeare (Preston) has two 7 tonne furnaces and one 1.5 tonne furnace and is capable of producing products up to 30 Tonnes in weight. We are the UK leader in supplying large and heavy SG Iron castings and smaller, volume based Steel castings for the Cement and construction industry sector.

Over the decades, Shakespeare has established a market respected name and reputation for engineered excellence. We have supplied all types of complex, intricate and highly demanding castings to a range of industries from Fluid processing to Energy, Automotive to Aerospace.

Quality products are created by attending to front-end engineering issues, attention to mould finishing quality material melting, testing and inspection. Shakespeare has mastered these processes and as such, has established a market leading position in the casting industry.

The two furnaces at Preston are 4.2 Mw 250 Hz Inductotherm induction furnaces mounted on load cells for accurate charging. Metal control is achieved by an ARL 3400, twenty element spectrometer which is coupled with Minco melt lab, to ensure accurate metallurgical control of every melt.

We also employ a variety of mobile and fixed sand mixing units, including a 25 tonnes per hour model and a 30 tonnes per hour model. These mixer units are automatically calibrated to ensure excellent quality moulding sand which in turn produces a high quality casting finish.

shakespeare sand mixing2

Shakespeare Patern Fillingshakspeare casting capability2