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On the 20th December 2019 Bondshold Ltd called in the administrators, effecting its subsidiaries Bonds Foundry Company Ltd, Bonds Heavy Castings Ltd, Bonds Precision Castings Ltd and Darwins Holdings Ltd - together 'the Bonds Group'.

Bonds Heavy Castings, located in Scunthorpe, manufactured high-integrity steel and high-chrome iron castings at three sites across the north of England.

Shakespeare Foundry has worked with the administrators and acquired the patterns and equipment from Bonds Heavy Castings. We are therefore pleased to announce that Shakespeare can provide TOTAL continued casting services to all of the Bonds Heavy Castings customers.

We can also provide high quality Steel and SG Iron castings to the customers from the Bonds Group including Bonds Foundry Company, Bonds Precision Castings and Darwins Holdings as required.

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