Shakespeare hydro electric castings

Tidal Energy Converter

Shakespeare Preston has supplied the Seagen project (a 1.2MW tidal energy converter installed in Strangford Lough) which generates electricity from tidal currents. The casting was designed to carry two 8 metre variable pitch rotors and house the actuation necessary to change the angle of attack of the rotors to take account of tidal velocity and direction. Due to the forces subjected on it, the casting needed to be defect free through-out and carry as little residual stress as possible. It also needed to withstand the stress placed on it during operation at low temperature.

Increasingly SG Iron is being seen as a viable alternative to the traditional materials used in salt water and other corrosive environments. When this is combined with it's higher strengths when compared to cast iron castings, designers are becoming more confident in specifying it's use. The pictures showing SeaGen in it's raised and operating positions clearly demonstrate the load carrying capacity and strength of the castings produced by Shakespeare in environmentally challenging installations.

SF turbine rotor assembly2

SF seagen loweredSF seagen raised