Shakespeare fossil energy hp

Shakespeare has a wide range of experience spanning many decades manufacturing complex, high-integrity castings serving the Fossil Energy sector including;

Natural Gas: a flexible fuel that emits around half the carbon emissions of coal when used to make electricity. This makes it a particularly attractive clean energy source accounting for around 29% of the UK energy consumption.

Oil & Petrochemical: Offshore flow filter castings and bearing pedestal machines 

Steam Turbine Diaphragms

Shakespeare intricate casting3Shakespeare has manufactured intricate steam turbine diaphragms for the Power Generation industry, where stainless steel blades were cast in-situ into inner and outer SG Iron carriers.

The design of the diaphragms does not permit welding, therefore innovative casting patterns were created to cast in-situ and maintain structure integrity. Our skilled in-house pattern shop was more than a match when it came to designing, engineering and manufacturing the complex wooden pattern for the steam turbine diaphragms. We also manufactured the individual precision cast rotary blades which are inserted into the wooden pattern and cast in-situ to the inner and outer housings. Each of the individual cast rotary blades where inserted into the wooden pattern, as shown, so that they could be cast in-situ to the inner and outer housings.

shakespeare diaphragm pattern

shakespeare diaphragm blade positioningshakespeare steam turbine blades