Shakespeare automotive die tool castings

Shakespeare are accredited to prestigious automotive supply standards such as Ford Q1 and has supplied the Automotive Industry for many years, manufacturing precision cast die tools for car body panel production and automotive cast components.

In addition to the vast range of cast iron automotive die tools supplied, the company has also supplied a number of lighter products such as brake shoes and engine dampener castings in a range of steels, alloys and irons. Some examples of our experience in the Automotive sector are shown below.

Car Panel Dies

Shakespeare is a key supplier to the Automotive sector for the production of car panel and body part cast die tools. These tools are a cost effective way to evaluate pre-production designs and prototypes in addition to them being used in component production lines. The company employs a CNC robotic machining centre to manufacture intricate patterns; ideal for the automotive industry. We primarily manufacture patterns from polycarbonate however also use the robot to manufacture patterns from wood and other materials.

SF automotive montarge lr1

SF cast car panel2SF car panel pattern