Shakespeare qualityAfter more than 3 decades supplying clients in the national and international sectors, Shakespeare has an enviable reputation for delivering high quality castings. Our facilities, processes and systems are accredited to a range of international and client specific quality specifications including;

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Germanischer Lloyd
  • IPPC South Ribble Borough Council, Permit No. 7

These processes, procedures and supply documentation are controlled by our business system and managed by our skilled employees to ensure the products wer provide are of the highest quality standard.

"Exceptional Quality is only possible by attention to detail at EVERY part of the process" - Michael Stanley, Shakespeare Founder

Inspection & Testing

Inspection at Shakespeare is predominately done in-house by our own qualified inspectors. Our experienced and skilled inspection team has PCN Level 2 and 3 qualifications for one or more of the many casting testing techniques including Ultra Sonic, Magnetic Particle, Radiography and Dye penetrate.

When the job quality plan/documentation dictates 3rd party witness testing, we engage Lloyds or a.n.other internationally respected body as required by the client.

Shakespeare dye pen casting testing

shakespeare testing1shakespeare test sample2shakespeare sample test report