Shakespeare environmental focusShakespeare is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment. Reduction of energy consumption at peak demand times, prevention of pollution and recycling are fundamental objectives of the company's annual environmental targets and objectives.

Our Environmental Policy is supported by our environmental procedures and systems, and we are targeting the implementation of ISO14001 in 2017 across our main manufacturing site(s). As stated in our Environmental Policy, we aim to reduce to a minimum unnecessary materials, resources and energy consumption.

We also seek to ensure that the products we supply, from raw material to packing and wooden pallets, use recycled material. We have dedicated equipment that processes our used poly-patterns, as shown, for efficient disposal and/or recycling, in a manner which safeguards the environment and the health and safety of all concerned.

Environmental Objectives

Our 2016/17 Environmental Objectives are;

  • Invest in energy saving devices for our offices and reduce peak-time energy consumption by 5% compared to last year (on a like for like basis).
  • Invest in water saving devices and use harvested recycled water wherever possible in our operations to target reducing water consumption by 5% over last year whilst simultaneously increasing production and operations.
  • Ensure all scrap metal is correctly segregated and used, wherever possible, in our smelting operations.
  • Install dedicated plastic, paper and aluminium can bins for waste segregation in our offices.